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Vim/Tmux notes

Oct 23, 2017

To Learn

  • copy paste
  • debugger statement on/off
  • jump between functions/classes
  • switching files
  • opening files
  • creating files

delete from cursor to end of line D

search current word *

previous view ctrl + o

alt esc key ctrl + [

Swap the current line with the next ddp

:%s/foo/bar/g Find each occurrence of ‘foo’ (in all lines), and replace it with ‘bar’.

:s/foo/bar/g Find each occurrence of ‘foo’ (in the current line only), and replace it with ‘bar’.

:5,12s/foo/bar/g Change each ‘foo’ to ‘bar’ for all lines from line 5 to line 12 (inclusive).

escape char with @ or \ blackslash mhghh change all word caw

change word from cursorhosjjhjfhdjksaWhatehjkwaIs cw

delete to char example = ( blah blah blah) di) example = () ` visually select va{ quote | bracket | paren }`

switch tabs gt

capitalize a word g~iw